Lens finishes

Once you have worked with our team to choose the best lens for you, we will advise on a suitable finish for your new glasses.

The different types of lense we provide include:

Scratch protective coating

A clear coating on the lens to help protect against scratching for everyday use.

Anti-reflection coating

Invaluable to drivers and VDU users, this coating allows more light to travel through the lens and into the eye, reducing glare and reflection.

UV coating

Protects the eye against the naturally occurring harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun

Tints and photochromic lenses

A range of colours and shades of tint from light daily wear for driving and sports, to full sunglass protection. Photochromic lenses use the suns UV rays to darken in bright weather then lighten in more overcast conditions and indoors.

High Index lenses

Reduced thickness lenses to improve the cosmetic look of your spectacles.

Polycarbonate Lenses

More robust, thinner and lighter than standard plastic lenses.


The latest coating technology with a two year quarantee and smudge free vision.

Throughout the process our knowledgeable staff provide assistance and advice to ensure the frames and lenses you choose are perfectly suited to your needs. All frames are individually adjusted by hand to ensure the best fit for the wearer. Our professional and personal service ensures that you not only look great in your new glasses but feel great too.