OCT Scanning

OCT scanning is one of our advanced eye examination services, and allows us to diagnose many eye problems at the earliest possible stage.

What Is an Rtvue OCT Scan?

Optical Coherence Tomography ( OCT)

With the new addition of Rtvue imaging technology, we are now able to identify and monitor the smallest change and that changes everything. The Rtvue , uses an eye-tracking system that produces 3- dimensional images of the eye, allowing us to more easily identify those at risk of eye disease.

The tracking system allows the scan to be placed in exactly the same place on every visit, giving a true 4D view of change over time. This helps reveal eye disease which may not yet be noticeable or detectable with a traditional visual exam.

What To Expect During The OCT Scan

The Rtvue Scan is fast, non-contact and does not present a bright flash of light or a puff of air. You simply sit in front of the instrument and the eye is scanned in just a few seconds.

Who Should Have This Scan?

Ideally every patient should have this test on every visit. This is the clearest, most accurate way to see any changes in the eye no matter how small. But those who have been diagnosed or have a family history of eye conditions; this is an essential part of your health check as it can reveal early changes in the eye of which you may be unaware.

Early detection allows for early treatment and better outcome for patients. One hundred people a day in the UK start losing their sight and one in two cases of sight loss can be avoided with the correct prescription or the right treatment at the appropriate time. The best preventative measure to protect you eyes is to include an Rt vue HD OCT Scan in your eye examination.

If you are interested in an OCT scan, call us on 0800 979 0939.