Eye tests

Eye Examinations

A Standard Eye Examination 

At Rose Opticians, our Optometrists strive to produce the most precise prescriptions by understanding every patient’s unique visual requirements and demands. Our entry level eye examination produces a thorough spectacle prescription check in addition to a generalised investigation into your eye health.

During this 30-minute assessment our expert clinicians will assess the fundus (Retina, Macula and Optic Nerve), examine the Exterior Eye tissues, measure the Intra-Ocular Eye Pressures and perform a basic assessment of the eye muscles.

Standard Eye Examination Cost: £39

The Advanced Eye Examination

Building upon our basic eye exam, our Advanced Eye Exam may employ the application of Slit lamp and Digital Retinal Photography to allow us to monitor images and track any changes more closely over time. This introduces a tailored approach to eye examinations by coupling the use of latest technological advances in the industry with an increased consultation time with our skilled clinicians. 

Further diagnostic tests include

  • Goldmann Applanation Tonometry (Eye Pressure Check) 
  • Humphrey’s Visual Field Testing (Peripheral Vision Check)

This bespoke examination is designed for patients experiencing symptoms such as headaches, double vision, painful or red eyes, requiring an accurate diagnosis and management plan; or for those patient’s interested in obtaining a more comprehensive assessment of their eye health.

Advanced Eye Examination Cost: £79


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