Contact lenses

Rose Opticians has an extensive range of contact lenses, from budget to industry leading, highly technical options. All are available on our Rose Plan direct debit scheme so it’s easy to choose and pay for the lens you require.

Our most favoured contact lens is the silicone hydrogel daily disposable lens. This new design means that lenses provide more comfort than permanent lenses. Made from softer silicone plastics, which let more oxygen reach the eye, this product not only improves comfort for the wearer but also assists in maintaining the health of the eye.

We can supply you with various disposable contact lenses according to your needs including:

Daily lenses

No cleaning required, simply throw them away after one use and replace with a fresh pair.

Fortnightly lenses

Worn on a daily basis for a fortnight.

Monthly lenses

Replaced every month.

Extended-Wear lenses or Continuous-Wear contact lenses

Again worn on a monthly basis but the silicone material means that these lenses can be kept in all day, even to sleep in.

Coloured monthly lenses

As monthly lenses but available in striking colours to compliment or contrast against your natural eye colour.

Varifocal, bifocal and toric disposable lenses

More specialist lenses to give the wearer the best possible outcome.

Coloured daily disposable lenses

Available in a vast range of colours, with none of the hassle!

Many disposable lenses can now be delivered directly to your door at no extra cost as part of our direct debit scheme. They also include free solution when needed. Of course, we offer a comprehensive range of ‘permanent’ lenses. Unlike disposables these are replaced on a yearly basis and include both soft plastic and rigid gas permeable contact lenses.

At Rose Opticians we like to ensure our customers remain happy with their lenses. Regular follow up appointments are vital to maintain eyes for lens wearers. These checks should take place annually together with a sight test and more regularly during the first few months of contact lens wear.

For more information, or to book an appointment to discuss your needs, call us today on 0800 979 0939.