Myopia management

Myopia / Short Sightedness

It is vital we understand our children’s visual development. We may be able to influence their development and stop them getting worse ( more myopic / more farsighted / more shortsighted). There is strong evidence to suggest we can help and that myopia is bad for long term eye health.

Please see below for some interesting information on myopia control and contact lenses for younger people.

Myopia Control , Myopia Management

To understand our children’s myopia and quantify their risk is a good idea. It may be possible to control or modify their outcome and thus lower their risk in the long term of blinding disease processes!

What is Myopia?

Click on the link below and follow the instructions. This will give you a helpful indication of risk.

Menicon Announces Launch of Menicon Bloom Myopia Control Management System

Launch Features First and Only CE-approved Orthokeratology Contact Lens in Europe for Myopia Control

This site about Orthokeratology is useful

Soft Contact lenses for myopia managment are now CE approved for children


For Contact lenses for children at safe

Orthokeratology Fact sheet